Our Mission is to Promote Cooperation of National Patent Information Groups at a European Level.

To provide a platform for discussions and to support cooperation of the national patent information user groups.

The CEPIUG serves as a central communication node for the European patent information groups. Communication between the patent information groups on an organisational level and on an individual level is supported by formal meetings of the groups as well as by informal gatherings of the individual members. On a group level, at least one annual meeting offers a framework for celebrating achievements, to discuss opportunities to reflect on challenges. Individual members meet at international conferences on patent information to discuss developments and to build personal relationships.

To represent the national information user groups at an European level

The CEPIUG forms close ties to national, regional and global organisations related to patent information. It is engaged with numerous organisations related to patent information. On a national level the relations are usually formed by the national patent information user groups. As the European organisation for patent information, the CEPIUG frequently is the first point of contact for national patent information groups or individuals outside Europe to patent information users within the European framework. For example, the CEPIUG has close ties to the Patent Information User Group of the USA and similar organisations in Japan.

On a regional level, the CEPIUG maintains an excellent relationship to the European Patent Office at a formal level with the various institutions of the EPO and an informal level with individuals representing the EPO. The CEPIUG is represented in various committees at the EPO relating to patent information.

Finally, at a global level, the CEPIUG is a recognised partner of the WIPO. We support the WIPO in various organisation tasks and patent information related activities. In addition, CEPIUG board members are engaged with the ISBQPIP (International Standardisation Board for Qualified Patent Information Professionals )